Welcome To The New BLOG!

Yes, it’s online!  A new place for your Internet Dating Tips For Men Blog.

I always wanted to make my blog an easier place to navigate for you and other guys and I think I’ve done that.  You’ll see all my articles, posts and comments from my various sites now on this blog serparated and organized into categories.  Just click on the categories on my main blog page to go to that set of posts.

I’ve also put my website into a WordPress platform which makes it easier to update and maintain.

Check out my new products page as well where you’ll see my cool free stuff, as well as new products in the works.

Hope you like it… and don’t forget to add your comments.  I want to hear from you!

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One Response to “Welcome To The New BLOG!”

  • Hey! this is great, it is a great shift to the manual method of online dating. I am also working to add a blog to my site. all the same, you got a great site and something going on here.

    more grease!