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Internet Dating Tips From Women


I just ran across an article that’s called, “The Ten Commandments of Online Dating.”  Now, I normally don’t pay much attention to Online Dating advice written by women FOR guys, but this article was rather interesting.

Check it out here:  Online Dating Article

Ok, I know, not really earth shattering… BUT let’s do a little recap anyway, just for fun!

1)  Thou shall not act too cool to care.  Well, actually acting like you really aren’t into someone can work in your favor.  As you know, nothing can kill your chances faster than being too needy when trying to meet women online.  But, you need to show interest initially otherwise she won’t know you exist.  But save the “too cool for school” act for when she’s already attracted to you.

2)  Thou shall not search online for a new mate until the present mate is out of the picture.  This one is obvious.  Be sure and have your head together before going to meet women online.  I talk more about this in Chapter 1 of my ebook Internet Dating Mastery.

3)  Thou shall not be long winded.  This one is very interesting.  Note that she says being brief and to the point shows confidence!  Well, we know how important confidence is when attracting women.  Now you know why so many guys tell you to keep those emails brief and to the point!

4)  Thou shall not forget to use the spell checker.  Obviously you want to use good spelling.  Nothing to add here.

5)  Thou shall not act Creepy McCreepy.  Yes, don’t act creepy when meeting online.  If you follow my advice, you shouldn’t have ANY problems in this area.

6)  Thou shall not pick a dumb username.   Now, when it comes to usernames; you just need to avoid LAME ones.  There is no super secret username that’s going to make her want to jump you.  They don’t exist.  So don’t spend too much time trying to come up with one.  BUT, don’t use BAD ones.

7)  Thou shall not e- lie.  Don’t lie about your age or height in your profiles.  OK, add one inch to your height but THAT’s IT!  Remember, the goal is to meet her in person as soon as possible.  What are you going to do when you meet her and she sees you’re 10 yrs older than the thought?  Not good!

8)  Thou shall not be late on the first date.  Being late is OK, but not too late.  Don’t be early.  But, don’t fret about this one.

9)  Thou shall not act Creepy McCreepy.  See above.

10)  Thou shall not pretend you fell off the face of the earth.  I actually totally agree with this one.  If you aren’t feeling it, let her know.  You don’t want to waste her time or yours.

OK, I hope you found this recap informative and entertaining.  If you want to learn more about meeting women online, check out this free preview of my book here.  What do you think about this article?  Let me know in the comments below.

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