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Are You Making These Profile Mistakes?

Ok, I’ve been looking at some profiles that guys are sending and I realized it’s time to send out a list of things to NOT include on your online dating profile. Hope this helps:

  • Do not show a picture of yourself wearing a “World of Warcraft” T-shirt. Need I say more?
  • “I love to curl up on a rainy day and read a good book, cuddle, and take long walks on the beach.” Yes, women like to do these things, but they don’t want to hear that from you. Women want a REAL man!
  • Any picture with your shirt off. It’s CHEEZY and not what women want to see in a guy’s profile. She wants to see her boyfriend with his shirt off, not you!
  • Weird stuff like: “Hey my name’s Joe, but the ladies call me stud muffin.” This is a HUGE turn off and quite lame!
  • Self-deprecating humor. (Making fun of yourself.)
  • Showing you have money.“In my spare time, I love cruising around in my Porsche.” Trying way TOO hard! Do you want the kind of woman who is impressed by this?? I think not!
  • Being too unavailable.“I work 60-70 hours per week.”Woman thinks: “You will not have time for me.”
  • Profile that’s too long. Always be MYSTERIOUS! Saying too much kills attraction! She shouldn’t have to scroll down to read your write up.
  • Too many/not enough pictures. You only need 5 pics. A. One head shot where the girl can clearly see your face. No sunglasses, hats, etc. It shows you’re trying to hide something. B. A picture of you doing something fun. Perhaps one of your hobbies? C. A picture of you out with friends.D. More of B and C!
  • Show a CONFIDENT writing style! Do NOT use passive language.

So, there you go. Constructing a magnetic profile that attracts quality women isn’t so hard if you follow the rules above. Post comments and tell me what you think.


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