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This Is Going To Piss You Off…


I want you to stop and think why you want to read this post.

Is it because of the subject line?

I’m thinking yes!

We often don’t realize how important subject lines are when writing to women on internet dating sites. There are so many different variations I use to get a woman’s attention and this is yet another one.

So, I start my email with this subject line…

“This is going to piss you off.”

Do you think she’s going to open it?

Damn right!

Now, where do I go from there?

How do I start off this email?

Well I need to be clever and make it funny.

What could piss her off?

Think about typical “chick” things that annoy them.

Well, what could be more annoying than other guys on dating sites!!

It’s always fun to reference some dude who’s totally clueless when it comes to online dating.

Ok, here we go:

Subject: “This is totally going to piss you off!”

Body: I mean, it’s come to my attention that the guy below me in your inbox is actually MARRIED and looking for a fling. Really! If that isn’t bad enough, the guy above you is LYING about his age! Ok, now that we’ve established their true intentions, we can focus on me…

And just take it from there!


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