I Need Your Help!


I hope things are going great and everyone is meeting plenty of women online!  I have something to announce today:

I’m working on a new project which is going to be one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen when it comes to Online Dating tips and training!

It’s a full comprehensive VIDEO COURSE, which will have a series of short videos of me showing you (in detail) exactly how I meet women online.  Imagine sitting over my shoulder while I work my magic and getting a sneak peak at me writing profiles and emails to women!

That’s what this is going to be like and it’s now in full production!

But, I need your help…

You see, it’s not “my” new product.  It’s going to be your product!

What I mean is, it’s going to contain all the valuable Online Dating tips and advice that you want to see and I want you to tell me what’s going to be in it.  That way it will be like you being on my product creation team helping me produce one of the BEST and most cutting edge training courses available to men!

So, I’d like you to respond by telling me what you want to learn the most.

What are you MOST frustrated with when it comes to meeting women online.

Do you have trouble writing profiles?

Do you have trouble writing emails or getting women to respond?

Don’t know what to say or where to meet on a First Date?

Do you want to know how to text women to get them to meet you instantly?

Whatever it is, I want to know!

Just post in the comments section below and tell me all about your struggles.

(Remember, it will contain instructive videos so think about what you might want to see in a video!)

And check this out…

I’m going to reward the person who gives me the BEST and most thought provoking response by giving him the entire course for FREE as soon as it’s done!!

That’s right… it will be yours to enjoy BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!

So get crackin, and let me know what you want to learn.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting your response!

Talk to you again soon,


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3 Responses to “I Need Your Help!”

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the great feedback! I’ll add it to my list of things to discuss.

    Steve, what a great idea! I’d love to show guys how I chat with women in real time. I’ll look into making that happen!

  • Greg:

    I’d greatly appreciate any tips on how to :
    1) be more photographically creative with one’s profile photos in light of how extremely bland most guy profile pics are, with either being more humorous in any photo/s, plus creatively using Photoshop with any photo/s, if one is pretty skilled with using it.

    2) be more creative and wittier, with giving personalised compliments to women with online game, regarding a lady’s looks, with how really well written her profile is and/or with any particular profile photo/s she has.

    3) successfully deal with ‘incongruence’ in female profiles on standard dating sites, when messaging any, in terms of being witty with any subject lines and messages. I mean female profiles where alongside any more standard profile photo/s, a lady may have one or maybe a couple photos, showing what impressive cleavage and/or an impressive figure she has, via her wearing a bikini, or revealing attire, to either get a rise out of guys, or because she looks after herself and is proud of her figure, or she just likes being photographically creative.

    4) verbally frame things and verbally address with women, the issue of wanting to date actively – in other words wanting to see multiple women, rather than starting to date the one lady monogamously. It would be foolish for a guy using a standard dating site, to talk about this on his profile, if he wanted to get replies back.

  • Steve Clark:

    Hey Christophe, the video course sounds like a great idea! In my opinion, it would be nice to watch you on a webcam chat with some girls so guys can see how you handle the situation and what kind of conversation you create with them. If any guy can make a girl laugh and be fairly entertaining on a webcam, then he’s surely improved his chances with that girl, and every guy needs to get good at that. It’s one thing to be smooth with the keyboard, but when it comes time to actually chat face-to-face with girls, the same skills need to apply.

    Hope that helps, keep up the great work!!