V-Day Sucks!

Man, I used to really HATE Valentines Day.

Well, that’s because I was almost always single when V-Day came around for it’s yearly reminder that I have nobody special in my life. It was a day I wanted to forget! Driving by Red Lobster and seeing the place packed with couples…

That was both hilarious and depressing at the same time.

Well, I’m here to say that V-Day ain’t so bad…

You see, it’s the perfect time to go online and test out some new strategies. There are so many different methods you can use and if executed perfectly, you’ll have to CHOOSE who you want to be with on Valentines Day.

Why don’t you try something like this…

As the dreaded day approaches, start sending out emails with the following subject line:

“V-Day disasters”


“Valentines Day disasters”

My open rate exploded when I used this line once!!

Where do you take it from there?


Just say something like…

“Having to spend V-Day with him instead of me.”

Then you can list the reasons why that would be a huge mistake!

And who is him, anyway?

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