Happy Holidays And A Gift For You!

It’s that time of year again!!

Well, it’s actually my FAVORITE time of year! I always look forward to the end of the year because it means Holidays, great sports on TV, good food, and New Years Festivities!

Ever since I started giving Online Dating advice to guys, I made a commtiment to sending out my annual “Happy Holidays” message to both share some thoughts on what’s going on now, and also what’s coming up next year.

I get a TON of satisfaction out of helping guys who are struggling with the very thing that I struggled with for years…


And I just want you to know that I continue to be 100% totally committed to bettering myself and my products to accomplish that goal.  This year has been no different. In fact, I’ve spent the last few months putting the finishing touches on my brand NEW ebook.  I’m VERY excited about it and I think you will be too!

The title is going to be:

“101 Eye-catching Email Subject Lines For Online Dating”

It’s going to have my FULL ARSENAL of email subject lines I’ve used over the years to meet women online.  I won’t be holding ANYTHING back! This book is literally going to put emailing women on autopilot!  So, expect a launch some time next month.

And that’s not all…

I also have a full blown Online Dating course due out later next year so there will be plenty of excitement in the near future!!  Now, with it being the Holidays and all, I decided to send out a little gift.

From NOW until the end of this year, I’m selling my main ebook “Internet Dating Mastery” at a discounted price!  So, if you’ve been on the fence on whether or not to make a purchase, now is the time because this discount will not last forever!

In order to get it, just go here:


Remember, this sale is only going to last until the end of this year, that’s December 31st, so make sure you take full advantage of it!


That’s all for now.

Happy Holidays, and I’ll talk to you soon!


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