Make it a Habit!

One really important thing to do when you’re “online dating” is to develop a system that works for you.

Take all the components involved…

designing an eye-catching profile and tweaking it, responding to women, going out on dates, calling women, and create a system that will allow you to have all of it on autopilot.

Let’s take emailing women as an example.

You come home from work after a busy day and you decide to fire off some emails.

Well, first you need to check your inbox and see who has emailed and winked at you. Go through the winks and decide which of the women who sent them you find attractive.

Don’t wink back at them!

Instead, fire off your standard, “wink response” and see if she bites.

If not, no big deal. Now quickly move to your emails. Again, decide which ones you like and send your standard, “she emailed first” response…


That was easy!

Now, quickly check out the profiles of women who have viewed you recently.

These are women who are already interested in you… Look for ones you find attractive and send your standard, “viewed me” email to them.

If she bites fine.

If not, move on.

Decide to send a total of five emails tonight. If the amount of “viewed me” emails you just sent doesn’t total five, start doing a profile search in your area.

Find women you really like and then fire off your standard, “first email.”

You sent five emails!

You’re done for tonight!

Now go on to something more important while you wait to see the results of your efforts.

That’s it!

Online Dating on autopilot.

Make it a habit!


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