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Poor Results With E-Harmony Cont…

So, I was mentioning before how I really think the Online Dating Site, E-Harmony basically SUCKS!

I talked about how you have to answer a gazillion BORING questions during the sign up process.  Also, they put up all sorts of cumbersome roadblocks on the way to actual communication!

You’ll find that women who don’t quite interest you will send you a list of questions during the “Guided Communication” phase.  Kind of STUPID as the idea is to get to emailing and in person dates as quickly as possible.

Now, the MAJOR flaw with E-Harmony… the so called “key dimensions of personality” matching system!

I find it hard to believe that with all the so called “science” behind this site, that what they came up with is essentially a process of matching guys with women with similar personalities to them.

As you know, I believe in dating a woman who is your opposite in personality type because it adds more spark to the relationship, and it assures that a couple will complement each other nicely.

What I got was a TON of matches who were WAY TO MUCH like me!  I would often log in to see nothing but attorneys, accountants, managers and other typical “Left-brainers” in my matches list.

And this was not what I wanted at all!

I like the outgoing, spontaneous artistic types and I was not getting matched with them!!

SUCKS!  And this is what I paid $50 per month for??  Not good!

I’ll talk about some more EH flaws in another post.

How about you?  What was your opinion of your E-Harmony matches?

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Poor Results With E-Harmony!

So I mentioned in a previous post that I had started using the Online Dating site; E-Harmony to meet women online.

I’m sure you’ve seen their ads and commercials all over the place with claims of people getting married and living happily ever after… all because they met on E-Harmony.

Well, I’m sure some have met through that site but I really doubt the legitimacy of a lot of those claims.

The problem is all the roadblocks this site puts up on the way to real, genuine online communication.

For starters, you have to answer HUNDREDS of questions before you even get your profile up!  This is the famed “key dimensions of personality” that are supposed to match you up with your “Perfect” match.  Well, if you have the patience to get through ALL THAT, then you’ve done pretty good.

Then, the confusion only grows as you try to email one of your “matches.”  You have to send your match a set of questions for them to answer.

This is rather ridiculous as the point of Online Dating is to start emailing as SOON AS POSSIBLE and then takes things OFFLINE soon after that.   But, I would later find out that you CAN actually email women immediately, but it’s not really clear on HOW to do this.

The problems with this website only get worse from there and I’ll continue with my thoughts in another post.

How about you???  If you’ve used E-Harmony, how has your experience been?

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Fishing Again!

I’ve found myself single once again and it’s time to go fishing.

Before, I always focused my online dating efforts on sites such as and Yahoo Personals, but I’ve recently plunged into Plentyoffish, one of the more popular free online dating sites.

There are things I like and things I don’t.  Of course it being a free site is a good thing but with that comes drawbacks such as annoying advertising on most pages.  Advertisers are getting rather clever too with ad placement and appeal.  The other day I logged in to see who had “viewed me” and at the end of the row was a HOT looking woman, but upon further review I noticed this was an ad that looked similar to profile search results.


But, I DO like the women I’m seeing around there and I’ve already had some GREAT results after posting a brand new online dating profile.

Typical responses to my profile include:

“Thanks for making me laugh” or  “Your profile was so funny, the scary thing is that really happens!”

The latter was referring to a line at the end of my profile where I simply state:

“So, stop reading and start writing.  Besides, I KNOW you want nothing to do with the other guys around here.  I hear they are known for proposing to women on the FIRST date.  Yikes!!” So, I’ll start sending out messages too using some subject lines from my upcoming new ebook; “101 eye-catching email subject lines.” I’ll have plenty to choose from!

One more thing, almost EVERY woman I saw on there has some “requirements” at the end of her profile which say you must meet in order to message her.  POF has created this I suppose in an effort to match people more closely. And one of the requirements is almost always, “must not be looking or HAVE SEARCHED FOR casual hookups.”

So, keep this in mind when going fishing over there.

I will, of course, keep you updated on my experiences on Plentyoffish.

Stay tuned…

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Busiest Time Of Year For Online Dating Websites

Happy New Year!

Yes, with the arrival of the new decade, comes the arrival of more beautiful women to online dating websites around the world!

I just read that January is the busiest time of the year for online dating.  Men and Women are joining in HUGE numbers and you know what that means?

It means it’s time to get off your ass and start putting together that profile you’ve been putting off.  It’s time to start responding to as many women as possible because NOW IS THE TIME to reach them in great numbers!

You know what?

During the last month I’ve had more views and responses to my online dating profile than almost all of last year.  Blew me away!

I guess it makes sense since this is supposedly a HOT time for internet dating.

So, get on it and start taking action.  The holidays are over, the new year is here and it’s time to meet someone.  And just so you know I’ve reduced the price of my ebook, Internet Dating Mastery so if you want to get a good deal on it, now is the time.

Make this year your BEST!

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Top Internet Dating Site

Here’s a recent article from Reuters. Apparently, media metrix ranked “” the number one dating site in North America.

Check this out:

“Media Metrix Ranks #1 Dating Site in North Americaand U.K. by Total Visits.VANCOUVER, Canada, July 29 /PRNewswire/ — The latest comScore MediaMetrix numbers now rank the free dating site as the leadingdating site in both North America (U.S.A. + Canada) and the United Kingdom.

Top 10 North American Dating Sites by Total Visits (000’s)

PlentyofFish – 36,825

Singlesnet – 29,896

eHarmony – 19,269 – 18,329

Yahoo!Personals – 16,365

People Media Sites – 12,340 – 10,716

SparkNetworks – 9,124 – 4,847

Humor Rainbow, Inc – 3,714

Top 10 U.K. Dating Sites by Total Visits (000’s)

PlentyofFish – 8,052

Meetic – 4,024 – 2,724 – 2,617

GirlsDateForFree – 1,392 – 1,120

EasyDate – 1,110 – 1,102

QuickFlirt – 1,054

LoopyLove – 853

On Monday 14th July, the CEO and Founder Markus Frind opened up his 26th floor office in downtown Vancouver. has hired its first six employees, the first six of a planned thirty person team that is being assembled to help roll out new advertising programs.

Users don’t pay for memberships but makes over $10 million a year from advertising from Google Adsense and numerous CPA programs. The site is run on Microsoft and is highly optimized to provide behaviorally based matchmaking to its users. “We introduce singles to other singles based on their actual search behavior on the site,” stated CEO/Founder Markus Frind. “Singles generally don’t really know what they want but their behaviors are a key indicator of their true underlying desires.”

Analyst and dating industry consultant Mark Brooks commented, “ has grown to this #1 spot because quite simply, it works.”

About Plentyoffish was created and founded by Markus Frind in 2003 and has changed the face of the online dating industry by showing singles they don’t have to pay to find love. Driven almost entirely by word of mouth referrals, Plentyoffish has grown to be the #1 dating site in the world, overall. #1 in North America, and #1 in the UK when ranked by activity. (Rankings listed at Every day, more than 800,000 singles login to as their online dating destination of choice.”

Well there you have it!

The number one Internet Dating site is absolutely 100% FREE!!

Go check it out!

And also check out my list of other awesome free online dating sites included in the “Internet Dating Mastery” bonus package!

Who says you have to pay to meet women online??

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