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Why She Won’t Respond To Your Emails…

Ok, so a lot of guys have been writing me lately on the subject of emails… more specifically, they are having trouble getting women to respond to that first email.

This is, in fact, the most common hurdle men face with online dating.

They see a profile with a woman who looks GREAT, so they send her an email.

Now, the wait begins and if they didn’t get her attention using the methods I teach, then they’ll be waiting a LONG time for a response.

Remember, women are getting bombarded with emails all day long from guys. That’s probably something you already know and it’s important to realize.

Now all you have to do is GET HER ATTENTION and do something that no other guy is doing!!!

The way to do this is with mysterious and ambiguous email subject lines.

After going through years of testing various emails and their response rate, I found that most women will look at an email subject line FIRST when deciding whether or not to respond.

That’s really the only thing making her click! The exception would of course be if she’s on a site where a pic is included with the response, such as Match.

So, be sure and include a subject line that will have her wondering…

“What does this guy mean?” or “What is he talking about?”

Here’s my all time fave:

“Hey, you’d better stop that right now!”

It works in email subject lines and profile headlines. Then you follow it up with something clever like…

“That’s right, you’d better stop wasting your time browsing around lame profiles! You’re going to fall asleep!”

Then just go right into your email..

See how easy it is?

That’s how you get her attention.

Give it a try and be SURE to let me know what happens!

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