101 Email Subject Lines

“If You’re SICK And TIRED of Women NOT Responding To Your Online Dating Emails, And You Want To Learn How To Write Subject Lines That COMPEL Women To Respond, Then You’ve Come To The Right Place…”

It’s Time To Stop Being IGNORED Online!  I’ll Show You How To Make SURE That Every One Of Your Emails Gets Opened And Read Instantly!


From: Christophe Y


See if you can relate to this:

You’ve just spent what seems like “HOURS” writing up the PERFECT email to send to a HOT woman you  found online.

You’ve reviewed it over and OVER again, it’s got everything you think she wants to see in an email from a guy.  It positions you as a confident, humorous man with not even a hint of neediness.  You even went so far as to point out something specific in her profile so she knows you read it.

It lets her know you’re an EXCITING guy, not like all the other boring dudes she sees in her email inbox!

You’re all ready to send this bad-boy out, but just “in case”, you read it one more time, nice… and slow.  After all, you absolutely CAN’T screw this up because…. well, this girl is HOT and you really want to meet her!

So, all you have to do now is hit the “send” button, and then, sit back and wait for her prompt reply to magically appear in your email inbox!

“This is AWESOME”, you’re thinking!

You then start wondering what to talk about on an inevitable first date.  In fact, you’ve already got a location picked out because you’re so SURE she’s going to be ALL OVER YOU the minute she sees your email.

So you “pull the trigger” and hit “send” and then off you go to run a few errands.

You know without a doubt that she’ll reply immediately and you CAN’T WAIT to see her response.

So, a few hours have passed and NOW… the time has come!

It’s time to go and check your inbox and see that reply.  You log on… get online… and enter your ID and password then quickly open your email inbox… and… Lo-and-behold…


You can’t BELIEVE this!

Then you come to your senses and realize that it’s only been a few hours since you sent that email out — and not everyone’s online, ALL the time.

So, you wait a little longer and check your email again and still… nothing!

Wow, this is NOT good!

So, you log out and then log back in to make sure you’re checking the right account and nothing changes!

What’s going on here?

You get a little discouraged and start to wonder if that email was really as good as you thought it was… you even start to doubt yourself and wonder if something is wrong with your profile.  Do you look too fat/bald/angry in your profile pics???  What’s the deal?

Then you shake off that doubt and decide to wait until tomorrow.  After all, maybe you just need to wait another day for that response to come in.

Sure enough, the next day… you fire up your computer to find that still nothing’s changed. You painfully discover, as you’re frantically checking your inbox, that she has still NOT responded to the world’s BEST email!!

You give it a few more days, and now, you’re not just discouraged, you’re outright pissed off! How could she have ignored your awesome message?

So, the thought of sending her an ANGRY message comes creeping into your head.  You know you’re NOT supposed to be needy and overly emotional but something must have gone wrong!

You send the email out again, this time to more women.  But sure enough, after repeating this WHOLE process over and OVER again during the next few days, sadly…

Nothing happens… Again!

In fact, you go to check the “read notification” list on your account and there it is… the dreadedUnread Deleted“!

Now, if you can relate to the story I just told, then I want you to know you’re NOT alone!  In fact, that series of events happened to me SEVERAL times when I first started out with Online Dating.

“The MAIN Reason Why I Kept Failing At Online Dating!”

It literally took me MONTHS to find out what was wrong!

I just couldn’t figure out why women weren’t responding to my best attempts at humor and wit.

Almost every time I went to check my inbox, I would see “Unread Deleted”.  And it PISSED ME OFF every time I saw that!!

I later realized that it had NOTHING to do with the “time of day” when I sent the email out or anything like that.  And, more importantly, it had NOTHING to do with my profile, that was fine!

It had to be something else… something I wasn’t even aware of, yet perhaps glaringly obvious!

Well, it wasn’t until much later that I realized that all my AWESOME “works of art” were never even being read in the first place.

That’s right… women were flat out DELETING my emails right from their inbox without even reading them!

How could that be???

Why would they do that???

Well, the reason is simple:

“MY Email Subject Lines Were NOT Getting Their Attention In The First Place!”

I consider this realization to be one of my biggest Online Dating breakthroughs!

If you think about it, it’s true.  How is a woman ever going to read an email with a subject line that doesn’t get her attention RIGHT AWAY!  The ones I was using were flat out LAME and BORING!

I would use lines like; “Nice guy here” or “Hey Baby.”

Geez, no wonder women were deleting my emails!!

These days women are getting bombarded with HUNDREDS of emails a day from every horny guy within a 50 mile radius!!  So, if you don’t give her a compelling reason to open your email, then… she simply … Won’t!

Think about it.

How many emails a day do YOU get, that YOU don’t even open, either because it’s some kind of spam, or simply because the particular subject line you’re looking at, isn’t compelling enough for you to give it the time of day?

Well, THAT’S precisely why all my emails were being deleted, and chances are that if you’re sending emails out and you’re not getting a lot of responses back, one of the PRIMARY reasons (and maybe the ONLY reason) WHY this is happening, is because your emails aren’t even getting opened in the first place!

That’s the UGLY reality of Online Dating!

The fact is… no matter how great of a guy you might be, and no matter how hard you try to get her attention… ultimately, it’s your Subject Lines that will tell her whether or not YOU are WORTH her time.

“Why Email Subject Lines Really Are That Important!”

Here’s another way to think about it:

When you check your email, what is it about a message that causes you to open it, or TRASH it?

I’m guessing that it’s the subject line… that is if you don’t recognize who it’s from right off the bat.  And what do you do when you see emails with subject lines containing words like Viagra or Cialis?

Right!!  You hit DELETE!  Immediately!


Because it’s obviously JUNK Mail and nobody likes to receive the same ole stupid junk mail in their email inbox.

And when you aren’t using the “right” Subject Lines in all these emails you’re sending out to all these women, they’re considered “junk mail” in her mind, for the very same reason:

Because you sound just like EVERY OTHER GUY out there trying to get her attention!

And you do NOT want to be like every other guy!  You want to be the one who stands out and makes her think… “Who is this guy?”

Now, here’s the good news…

The days of women ignoring your emails is about to come to an end because I’ve just come up with what I consider to be the most POWERFUL list of email subject lines you’ve ever seen!  These are some of my VERY BEST lines… the same ones I’ve been using for years to meet beautiful women online.

And now, I’m finally going to reveal my sneaky little weapons in a brand new ebook I’ve compiled called:  “101 Eye Catching, Email Subject Lines For Online Dating.”

Email Subject Lines

I’m telling you, these subject lines are so good, it doesn’t even MATTER what your actual email says — because regardless of what’s inside — your message WILL get read.

These Subject Lines are all about putting HUGE Red Stop Lights on your emails telling any woman who reads them to STOP and open them immediately!

“What Makes These Subject Lines SO Powerful?”

The answer is simple: Each one of them arouses such an INCREDIBLE amount of curiosity and intrigue, and when a woman receives one of them, she can’t help BUT open it up.

For example:

  • #4 will make her think “What BAD News?” and she’ll HAVE to open it!
  • #21 will make her think “What do you mean it’s time I came clean?  About what?” and she’ll have to open that one too!
  • #32 will issue her a challenge that she simply won’t be able to resist!
  • #37 will have her laughing SO HARD, that she’ll be forced to open your email because she’ll know instantly that you “get it.”
  • And, #101 will issue her a stern warning…. (you’ll just have to see this one for yourself!)

What makes these subject lines work so well??

See, provoking curiosity is one of the most powerful ways to get someone, especially women, to do what you want!!

When she sees something that provokes curiosity, she can’t help but be intrigued.  Remember, women are VERY emotional creatures and the BEST way to get those emotions going is to arouse their curiosity.

And in this case, we’re going to use compelling email subject lines to accomplish this.

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So, I’m throwing in some BONUS lines at the end of this ebook!  Just make sure you use caution with them.  They can be Deadly! (Value: $100)

Now, being that these Email Subject Lines are extremely valuable to me and that I spent a LOT of time creating them, I thought about putting a higher price tag on this ebook.  (After all, I’ve had a TON of success using them over the years.)

But I also feel you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to become more successful at Online Dating, so here’s what I am going to do for you:

For a limited time only, you can get your hands on “101 Eye Catching, Email Subject Lines For Online Dating” for $47 , $27 (Special Introductory Price), but you MUST take action right NOW!

I don’t want this ebook sitting somewhere on your hard drive collecting virtual dust!  I want you to read, then APPLY what you’ve learned.  That’s the ONLY way to really become successful at Online Dating!

“As Always, You Literally Have NOTHING to Lose When You Try My Strategies!”

If you’re still not 100% sure that my ebook is exactly what you need to jump start your dating life, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee…

If you take this first step and claim your copy of “101 Eye Catching, Email Subject Lines For Online Dating” but don’t see an immediate improvement in your online dating results, just let me know.

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund… even if it’s 90 days from today. I’ll even let you keep the $130.00 worth of bonuses as my thanks for giving my strategies a try…

It’s that simple.

Like before, I can’t guarantee that you’ll meet loads of smokin HOT babes after buying this ebook.

Anyone who makes that kind of guarantee is lying to you and insulting your intelligence! I’m NOT about that!

What I CAN guarantee is that you WILL start meeting MORE women than before and you’ll start to see an immediate improvement in your dating life!

Sounds good?

internet dating tips

“Get Started Meeting Beautiful Women Online in the Next Five Minutes…”

The choice is yours: You either want to STOP being ignored online or you don’t. If you don’t, have fun sending emails without responses!

But if you’re serious about improving your email response rate online, then you really only have one choice. Whip out your wallet, and invest the $47 $27 (Special Introductory Price!)

You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose.

But remember…

… the longer you wait, the longer you will continue to be frustrated with Internet Dating.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

So let’s get started.

Remember: If you don’t see a boost in your online dating results, just let me know within the next 90 days, pay nothing, and keep the $130.00 Super Bonus Package — that’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

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Email Subject Lines

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The following testimonials came from guys who bought my ebook.

(Names have been changed to initials for privacy)


You know, I was very skeptical of everything you teach at first.  However I have mastered the art of getting HOT women very quickly due to your strategies.  I will never doubt you again. I finally figured out everything I was doing wrong before.  Anyway,  I am sure you have heard stories like this one a bunch of times but I’m here to say your stuff is worth it’s weight in gold!  I have a fine hot date… she’s 31 lined up for this Sunday.  I used a couple 101 subject lines and I can’t believe the response she gave me back everytime!  It’s like “Here’s my Number”  “Call me Now,” she said, and then asks what’s my number as well!  This whole thing transpired just since this morning. She’s not the only hottie I got going.  But that’s a whole other story!

You the Man Chris, seriously….

Los Angeles, Calif.

P.S. One more thing… if you wanted, you could probably come up with your own VERY effective Email Subject Lines.  I know, because that’s what I did. But it took me a HELL of a lot of time and energy to come up with this list and you wouldn’t believe how much was WASTED figuring out the “good stuff” that actually works… and works consistently and predictably.

So you can invest a ton of time trying to figure out what works for yourself, or you can short-circuit that whole process by coming along with me… and then you can be putting this stuff to work and start improving your email response rate immediately!


Email Subject Lines